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Covid-19 Updates

December 30, 2020 


It's hard to believe it's been seven months since our last Covid update! Yet, here we are settled into what is we call our new normal.


While most precautions have stayed the same as noted in May when we reopened, we've collectively learned more about this virus, so here's where we're at as we look forward to the end  of this terrible, very bad, horrible year of covid. 

- We now wear masks at all times


- We use lots of hand sanitizer and use it regularly but at minimum between visits


- We minimize time spent indoors whenever possible, If a client is at home when we visit, we ask that you socially distance and wear a mask. 

- If a sitter would be sick, we will immediately provide a substitute, notify you and keep you updated regarding diagnosis.

- If there were to be an exposure for a sitter, they would get tested and quarantine until cleared to work.

- We ask that clients immediately notify us of illness or an exposure and update us as necessary. We would suspend service until until this is resolved. (Thankfully our wonderful clients have been very responsible and understanding in this regard.)

Initially, we used our own leashes and asked clients to have their dogs harnessed if applicable as much as possible - but covid understanding has evolved and while we still may use our own leashes we do use client's leashes if needed (a coupling leash for two dogs, for example) and we are more comfortable putting on your dog's harnesses.

For the very few cats or exotic pet visits we've had, the same applies - but while you are away, we obviously will be in your home for the full visit. 

There has not been any covid cases at DPC or in the client's homes we have visited to date, thankfully.


If this overview leaves you with any questions, please send me a note and I'll get back to you asap.

Sincere thanks from each and every one of us at DalyPetCare for your continued support during the pandemic. Here's to 2021!

Shelly Daly 




May 22, 2020


Dear Dog Walking Clients,


(Cat clients - please feel free to request visits as needed and I’ll communicate individually)


As the Memorial Day holiday weekend approaches, it seems like a good time for an update. 


We’ve begun walks again as of Monday, May 18 with our Covid safety precautions in place.They are outlined in detail in the previous note, but below is an overview as this may be our new normal for awhile. 


MASKS we have masks with us and will wear as appropriate


HAND SANITIZING between every visit


TEMPERATURE DAILY we will take our temperature daily and provide a sub if a sitter is unwell


REPORT ILLNESS please report if you have or have been exposed to Covid 19


LEASHES we will be using our own leashes


HARNESSES if your dog wears a harness, as much as possible, please have it on your dog


TREATS & SUPPLIES such as poop bags, etc.; please have these near the door as much as possible


NEED if you are working from home, please let us know you’ll be there


We are truly looking forward to getting back into the swing of things as safely as possible but our work is 100% dependent on your needs. I know a lot has changed for most people - but lucky for us our dogs are a constant that we can count on and we’re here to help you with their needs whenever you’re ready. 


May the sun shine on us all! 





April 29, 2020

Dear Clients,


Here we are at the end of April and the view of the future is still foggy. With the 2nd day of increased Maryland virus cases reported today, after a previous 2 day decline, we are still awaiting the beginning of a stretch of 14 consecutive days of declining cases before we can begin the process of slowly reopening our state.


The Maryland guesstimate seems to be June 1 and even then it will be a whisper of what was previously considered normal.


The last day we provided visits was Monday, March 23 and the ensuing month of isolation has been a roller coaster ride. There were some silver linings to offset the perpetual anxiety - for some, time off from the mundane aspects of work, more time with our pets and family...then our collective energy shifted to cleaning, organizing, cooking and of course, talking/zooming with our family & friends that we can’t be with.


Although that list looks a little different for everyone, here at DPC we agree that we are looking forward to visiting your pets again.

Thankfully, our team is all healthy as of today - I hope the same is true for you.


As a pet care business, we are considered an essential service and I foresee that during May, we will slowly begin visits again as you need us. However, during this still vulnerable time there are a few caveats with our sitter's safety being our foremost concern - especially given that we now understand  that asymptomatic transmission is more common than previously understood.


NEED:  your pet is home alone or you are unable to provide walks or care for them due to Work From Home responsibilities.


PROTECTION: we will monitor our temperature daily, wear masks, practice social distancing  and hand washing/sanitizing between visits as well as use our own leashes. If you are home and present, we ask that you wear a mask as well. 


HARNESSES:  we ask that if a pet uses a harness that we usually put on, that you put it on before our visit to minimize handling for your sitter. Alternately, if using your dog's collar is acceptable, that's an option to consider. There are a LOT of variables with harnesses, so please check in with me if you have any questions.  


REPORT ILLNESS & EXPOSURE:  please report any instances of illness or exposure in your home for the protection of our sitters. We will do the same.


Most importantly, thank you for your continued support, sincere kindness and unbelievable generosity during this time - it will be our warmest and most heartfelt memory of this pandemic. 


Soon enough we'll all be crossing our fingers that your pets will be so happy to see us again, they'll forget how sad they are that you aren't home with them all day! 

In this together, 




April 6, 2020

Dear Clients, 

I hope you are well, safe and managing through these challenging times. 

Thanks to each of you that have supported us either with your generosity of spirit, contributing to the Go Fund Me campaign for our employees or paying for April services. This have truly sustained us both physically and mentally. 

We are really missing your pets! But like many other businesses, we are currently in limbo and can't know when we will be able to return to visiting your pets.


Today, Monday, April 6, is a gorgeous spring day here in Baltimore - with perfect temps, the sun shining and birds chirping - while the world around us is basically frozen.

However, maybe because of the lovely spring day, I am thinking about the eventual thaw that WILL COME and feel compelled to let you know that we will be back in business again just as soon as we are able - even if we don't know when that will be.


In other words, we'll still be here for you and your beloved pets. 


When you feel ready to make plans again, feel free to schedule visits - there will are no cancellation fees should you need to cancel as the coronavirus situation continues to evolve.


The summer seems unpredictable to us all, but we can still make hopeful plans. 


So while we may not be doing visits right now, we are open for business even if that means only scheduling for the time being. 

with gratitude, 

Shelly Daly





March 24, 2020


Dear DalyPetCare clients, 

Beginning today, we will be closed but will reopen the moment we are able when restrictions are lifted for non essential businesses.  If you have any questions you can email me or send us a note via our Time to Pet app. 

My very deep and sincere gratitude to our regular dog walking clients who have been able to continue to pay for our services during this time. This income, along with savings, will help me meet the upcoming payroll. A pet care business runs on a slim margin -  thankfully I have no expensive rent payments looming - but we are a mature, healthy and committed business and we will be here to re-employ our sitters when our world returns to a more normal place.

In response to the clients that have asked how they might help, I have created a GoFundMe campaign as a kind of Virtual Tip Jar to provide supplemental support for our dedicated sitters while they are unable to work. Please read about it in more detail on the GoFundMe page. 

I hope you stay well and are able to get outside and enjoy this explosion of spring that is happening simultaneously to this unprecedented crisis. We will miss our time with your pets - we love our jobs and will be very happy to get back to work hopefully sooner rather than later. 


Shelly Daly 



March 18, 2020

Dear DPC clients,

I wanted to update you on all things Coronavirus as related to DalyPetCare's pet sitting services, and how we are responding to the outbreak. Please let me know if you have any questions.


  1. MANDATORY HAND WASHING BETWEEN VISITS. First and foremost, although our pet sitters typically wash their hands between visits, we have made this practice mandatory

  2. HUMAN TO PET/PET TO HUMAN TRANSMISSION HAS NOT BEEN OBSERVED. However, the CDC has recommended that humans with COVID19 restrict contact with their pets

  3. DAILY TEMPERATURE TAKING TO MONITOR HEALTH. Anyone with an elevated temperature should quarantine themselves. I have asked each sitter to monitor their temperature on a daily basis and to not continue to work if there is any indication they are ill.

  4. CANCELLATION POLICY. We will do everything we can to be fair during this period. The concern on our end is providing income dependent sitters a sustaining income. Our cancellation policy for visits will continue to be credit issued for visits cancelled before 5pm the day prior to the visit. Refunds are not given, but credits are available for future visits. Slumber party policies are different - please contact me directly if you have questions.

  5. EMERGENCY CONTACTS. If we are providing vacation visits while you are away, please make sure your emergency contacts are current. If you are unable to return, please contact us immediately about extending our services.

  6. EXPOSURE NOTIFICATION. Please advise me if you or anyone in your household has a suspected case of the coronavirus or has come in contact with someone with a suspected case. If that were the case, out of an abundance of caution, we would need to  suspend services for a period of time following guidance provided by CDC or Maryland State Health Administration. 

  7. USING DPC ISSUED LEASHES - Starting Thursday 3/19/20 we will be using our own leashes in addition to the above precautions already in place. 


Below are links to timely blog articles concerning Covid-19 and pets, their people, and dog walking businesses (from The Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses). ​


Dog Walking Programs and Covid-19 on 3/16/20​


Covid-19 as it relates to our pets  on 3/14/20


May you and your loved ones stay safe & well during this pandemic. Spring will be especially appreciated this year once we find ourselves on the other side of this current crisis.​


Shelly Daly

Founder, DalyPetCare

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