Service Fees

Dog Walking

Visits scheduled regularly for 1 dog for 30 minutes

4 to 5 visits/weekday — $20/visit

1 to 3 visits/weekday — $22/visit

Vacation Pet Care

 1 dog / up to 2 cats for 30 minutes

Weekdays — $24/visit

Weekends —  $30/visit

Holidays — $40/visit


Overnight Slumber Party

(+$10 for more than 2 dogs / more than 4 cats)

24-hour Slumber Party (Mon - Thurs) $100/day

24-hour Slumber Party (Fri - Sun) $110/day


Holiday Slumber Party $125/night


Overnight only 7pm - 7am (Mon - Thurs) $80/day

Overnight only 7pm - 7am (Fri - Sun) $90/day

Holiday overnights 7pm - 7am $85/night


Other Fees

Additional dog or up to 2 cats  —  +$3/visit

Additional 15 minutes added to visits   +$6/visit

NOTE: On weekdays time can be added to visits only before 11am or after 2pm

Emergency visit  —  $50/visit

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Please Note...

Meet & Greet 

There is a one time $20 fee for our initial meeting



made 24 hours in advance will receive credit



for cancellations can be offered for up to 5 visits/month


Snow Day Policy

Cancellations on snow days are charged at ½ fee 

and sitters will be paid

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